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Readymade Taxi Booking App Solutions

Online Taxi Booking App Clone for Your Taxi Business Success

We inspect your visions and business requirements with utmost zeal; & develop fully customizable, readymade taxi booking app solutions that make a taxi booking easy, and support you to transport your taxi business to the path of profits & success globally. Created using the taxi booking app source code; it promises to transport your business to the path of profits.

online taxi booking app
about taxi app

About Taxi App

Transformational Readymade Taxi Booking App Solutions

Compiled with the best set of features, our readymade taxi booking app solutions promises to transport the taxi business to the path of profits, and success through the dedication it has towards end-users.

With our foray made into taxi app development services during its derived stage, our team of tech gizmos have hands-on experience in recent taxi app trends. This enables them to incorporate the best techniques while making its use. As a dedicated and reliable taxi booking app development company, we are committed to providing straightforward white label taxi app solutions that meet your business needs to help them propel forward..

Why We Are

We Specialize in Developing Taxi Booking App Clone Like Uber, Ola

The ride-hailing & taxi segment has billion-dollar potential citing the relevance of the Uber clone app & Uber-like taxi app development. With many organizations already developing the solution, if you are looking for a white label taxi booking app development company to shoulder the responsibilities during the creation, Biglona is who you should rely on.

Channeling our expertise in taxi app development services to enable smooth operations, we present the XLCab – the readymade taxi booking app. Not only will it help new business owners successfully build a base in the ride-sharing segment, it will also ensure smooth taxi booking for riders. What helps it stand out is its modifiable features and price. This enables you to continue your operations swiftly without any hurdle caused to your pocket.

taxi app clone like uber, ola

Taxi App Models

Accelerate Your Taxi Business With An XLCab Solution

XLCab specializes in serving clients regardless of their scale of operations. Through our expertise in custom taxi app development services for different business models, our white label taxi app solutions are dedicated to meeting business requirements flexibly.

aggregator model
Aggregator Model

Are you a booking system provider? This model incorporated in our taxi app makes it easy for you to get cab easily.

ownership model
Ownership Model

Allows riders to receive taxi app experience. They book a ride & reach destination with comfort & safety.

revenue model
Revenue Generation Model

We provides premium cab services, charging on kilometer basis, & othe models to help taxi business profit well.

Functioning of XLCab

How Does Our
On Demand Taxi Booking App Work?

We integrate creativity & simplicity when we execute taxi booking app development services. So, buy our readymade taxi booking app & know how it makes this a reality.


User can simply enter their number, or email address. Once they have successfully verified either of the two; they can enter the app.

Step 01
Add Pickup & Drop Location

Users can browse through various restaurants within the vicinity or search for a specific food provider. They can also explore dishes of their choice.

add pickup & drop up location
Step 02
choose ride & schedule ride
Choose Ride & Schedule ride

Upon adding their pickup & drop details; user gets the capability to choose a ride as per their preference & also able to do ride scheduling.

Step 03
Make Payment

User needs to pay for the ride by choosing a preferred mode of payment from different options like cash, card, wallet.

make payment
Step 04
track ride
Track Ride

Upon successful payment, user receives ride confirmation, alongside ride and driver details so they can track it.

Step 05
Vroom! Go To Your Destination

Ride arrives, & user gets the empowerment to travel to their destination in the ride mode chosen by them with utmost ease, comfort as well as safety.

reach your favourite destination
Step 06

App Screens

A Glimpse of Our
App Screenshots

Our team has implemented the best design practices during the course of taxi booking app development services to attract more riders. Check out the design screenshots for the rider, driver and the taxi business, respectively.

Rider App

Customer App Features

Our team of experts while exercising the best practices during taxi booking app development services integrate the best set of features so ride booking, and sharing can be done swiftly. Have a look at some of the features that are contained in the rider app.

customer features
Easy Login

By entering their mobile number, email, or social logging, users are able to start availing the taxi services.

Choose Vehicle Type

Select a vehicle type & book a cab by entering their details including their pickup & drop location.

Payment Gateways

UUsers receive flexibility to choose payment modes like card, cash, & wallet, and book rides easily.

Know ETA

This feature enables riders to know the exact time of arrival, so they know the accurate time.

Schedule Ride for Later

This feature enables users to schedule a ride for a late by date, time, and respective pickup and drop location.

Ride History

With this feature in the taxi booking app; the rider gets a accurate view of all the rides made by them in the past.

Partner App

Driver App Features

The readymade taxi app for drivers has the following features to enable them to smoothly accept ride requests, flawlessly connect with riders, and provide them a unique ride experience so that in the end they earn sufficiently well.

Profile Management

This feature enables the boy to update their details, like name, vehicle details, etc.


Drivers get the empowerment to check the earnings they generate basis on the rides they provide.

Auto Offline

Wherein the driver is available, the status changes to offline through a red signal to educate customers.

Daily Summary Report

With this feature, a driver is able to get a day-wise summary report of providing cab services.


To enable drivers to earn extra bucks & aids them to pick up a rider in offline mode.

Cancel Trip

In case the driver didn’t get proper details of a trip then it’s able to ‘Cancel Trip’.

driver app features


Admin Panel Features

Our readymade taxi booking app comes with an intuitive admin panel to empower the taxi business with the flexibility to transform their operations and make beneficial decisions.

admin panel
Upcoming Rides

It enabled a first-hand view of all the rides requested which includes details of rides.

Know Driver Status

Enables the admin to know driver is available or not with the number of drivers.

Reports & Analytics

It supports the owner to get a first-hand report of their performance with the areas for improvement.

Track Drivers

Through this, the owner can track the drivers in real-time to know their current location.

Add/Remove Partners

This feature enables the business owner to add new ones, or remove ones.

Check Reviews

With this feature, owners can take a look at all the reviews that have been left behind for them by users.

What We Offer

Glance At How We Simplify Ride Booking and Sharing Experience

When you connect with us in the endeavor to buy readymade taxi app, we empower you with iOS and Android apps, followed by an intuiitve admin panel. As a result of the platform developed using the custom taxi booking app source code, modifications are easy to make and so are ride booking, and connection, on the whole.

admin app features
ios app

iOS Applications

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
android app

Android Apps

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
web panel

Web Panel

  • Admin Panel
  • Web Landing Page
full source code

Full Source Code

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Web Panels
femi app

Our Clients


Taxi Booking App (Qatar)

Empower female passengers and drivers to smoothly connect with one another and ensure a gender-friendly ride experience.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

Our experience with the team has been splendid. The designers and developers have been really helpful during the entire journey making sure our requirements were met in the app.

kyaab app

Our Clients


Taxi Booking App (kerala)

Enable passengers with a personal travel companion that assists them to find cost-effective rides nearby and travel conveneintly.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

I am impressed by the way the team at Biglona work. Always responsive, always helpful. They help build your ideas and turn them into reality. Can’t wait to work on my next project.

myCommut app

Our Clients


Taxi Booking App (Delhi)

Simplify commute services for riders with the myCommut app by connecting them to car owners heading in the same direction as them.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

The development and design by team is splendid! We are extremely pleased with the work they have done while developing the app for us! Looking forward to working with them again!

Peindia app

Our Clients


Taxi Booking App (Aasam)

The intuitive taxi booking app to help riders connect with professional drivers and get empowered with a convenient and safe ride experience.

text iOS
text Android
Client Words

We shared our concern of developing a taxi app that helped people in Assam conveniently book rides. Th team made this a reality for us! Thank you guys! All the best!

Technology Stack

We Use Latest Technologies in
Our Taxi Booking App

As a trusted taxi app development company, we channel the best practices during the app development process. Particularly, our taxi booking app source code is built using the latest techs so growign demands are easy to meet, and fulfill. Therefore, when you choose any taxi booking app development company, you can be sure to meet demands of the present online market flawlessly.

Flutter Flutter
React Native React Native
Kotlin Kotlin
Swift Swift
Java Java
Ionic Ionic
Firebase Firebase
Backbone.JS Backbone.JS
Angular.JS Angular.JS
Vue.JS Vue.JS
Node.JS Node.JS
MongoDB MongoDB
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Google Cloud Google Cloud
Amazon AWS Amazon AWS
payment payment

Payment Gateway

We Provide Secure and Multiple
Payment Gateways

While building the online taxi booking app, we make use of the following payment gateways to allow secure payments to take place for meals order.


Available in Brazil


Available in Turkey


Available in Kazakhstan


Available in Worldwide


Available in Worldwide


Available in Malasiya


Available in Worldwide


Available in Indoneisa


Available in Brazil


Available in India


Available in Worldwide


Available in India


Available in this Country

  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore

Available in this Country

  • UAE
  • Qutar
  • Egypt
  • Lebanona
  • Jordan
  • South Arabia

Available in this Country

  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile

Available in this Country

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • United States
payment app


Buy Readymade Taxi Booking App
With These Add-On

When you buy taxi booking app, our team of developers also include the following add-on in addition to the taxi booking app source code to boost user-engagement.

add on
Manage Address
Multiple Languages

This add-on provides multiple languages feasibility able to successfully expand your business globally.

Payment Integration
Multiple Currencies

As a trusted taxi app development company, we deliver multiple currencies able to revenue generation worldwide.

Phone Number Verification

We use Twilio in our taxi booking app source code to allow successful verification to take place.

Bill Estimation
Manual Booking

As the owner, you can manually book rides upon receiving ride requests from customers.

Favorite Store

Also known as ‘Save Our Souls’, through this element riders can share their ride details in an emergency situation.

Integration of Social Network
Peak Pricing

Peak pricing feature enables ride charges going up during days of national observance or during natural calamities.

Manage Address
Route Optimization

When you buy taxi booking app, you get access to the route optimization feasibility.

Payment Integration
Dispute Management

Via this feature riders & drivers, both get the empowerment & strength to raise disputes.

Red Zone Areas

Using this feature, you can set the red zone areas so that drivers can be prevented from providing rides there.

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